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About Us

In 1996 I met Trevor Woolard at a Goldwing Owners Meeting; Trevor asked if he could demonstrate his products on my Goldwing (not a lot of arm twisting needed to agree) I was amazed at the finish he produced in such a short time and with so little effort.
Needless to say he made a sale and I have used the products ever since and we have become very close friends.

In May of 2003 having received a call from both of my sons on the same day informing me that redundancy was looming I asked Trevor if he sold any Franchises.
At this time he had not sold a Franchise in this country but had sold exclusive rights to Australia and New Zealand. I asked if I could take on a Franchise for the Centre of England and Wales (jumping in with both feet), the deal was done and the product was provided for me to bottle myself. I then set about with Trevor’s consent to produce a slightly different label, had a flyer produced, put the logo on my truck and hit the road.

It was like selling candy to kids, virtually every demonstration creating a sale. Valet companies loved it, Funeral Directors, Taxi Proprietors, Body Shops to name a few bought the products, Trevor was so right when he said it’s so easy you’ll never go hungry as long as you have bottles to sell. Apart from selling to the trade I also attended quite a few trade shows, Porsche, Triumph, and several American Car owners, all with brilliant results and I even presented a trophy requested by The Motor Cycle News at the Barry Sheen Run, for the best motor cycle (not bad in the first six months.

Since I started with Auto Proud I have never looked back the market is endless, the work is effortless and most of all it’s so profitable & enjoyable. I have a number of sales people working in various areas of the West Midlands selling door to door and believe me you can move a hell of a lot this way and it’s all repeat business.

Unfortunately due to Trevor being taken ill in August of 2003 and unable to continue working himself, he asked me if I would be interested in buying the business. A decision was made and the deal was completed on the 21st March 2004 and Auto Proud moved location to Worcester.

As we are in a more central location for distribution we decided that it is time to really let the rest of the UK know what a terrific product Auto Proud is.

We have maintained attendance at shows in the south but have pushed for more in the north and the response as usual as been terrific. As well as doing our bit for the community by giving the opportunity for people like you, to get started in a thriving and rapidly growing business either as agents or as franchisees.

250ml bottles have been produced to enable motorcyclists to take the products with them, when attending events.
We have been involved in raising money for a number of charitable causes, one being to help a young Worcester girl get treatment in America so that she could eat again after being tube fed for past seven years. We have also helped to raise funds for the victims of the Tsunami disaster, Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes to name a few.

Apart from the original Restoration Polish, Polymer Polish & Screen and Visor Cleaner we have introduced a Tyre Dressing & Cleaner, This product is again silicone free and not only cleans any Black rubber but is brilliant on any white rubber. Ultimate Alloy Cleaner, great on any un lacquered alloy or Stainless Steel giving a brilliant shine and protection in seconds. Water-Less Cleaner that really does take the effort out of cleaning any Vehicle, apart from cleaning it leaves a high wax finish.

We will shortly be introducing a mobile and static Detailing and Valeting service for all Vehicles including Motorcycles using Auto Proud range of products making us unique.

We are testing a few other products that to date have not been released to the public but intend to over the coming months, so keep your eye on the website & watch out for our team at the shows.
On the web page you will see a page for Accessories we intend to advertise an assortment of parts and accessories maybe even a Cars / motorcycles on behalf of our customers.

That’s the history why don’t you become a part of the future? – You will not be disappointed if you try, only if you don’t.

Yours truly,
‘Who knows Rodney this time next year we could all be millionaires.’

I hope that the above was of interest and I look forward to speaking to you again very soon.

Dave Harris